I’m a creative strategist and product manager who specialises in venture building and business model design.

I help organisations rethink their customer experiences, design digital services, and adapt their business model as a result. I typically work as a strategy or product/service design lead. You can learn more about my work here. I’m usually based in Edinburgh or London but my work takes me places. I pride myself on my versatility and curiosity.

Throughout 2020 I ran a newsletter, Neobanked, that was published on Sundays every two weeks. The archive of issues lives here.

I studied Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and have since gained my CIMA/CGMA qualification. I’m also a ScrumMaster and a Saltire Scholar.

I enjoy technology, coffee, and podcasts.

I live with my wife, Michelle, our two Chihuahuas, Belle and Meeko, and our cat, Jasmine.

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