Murdo Connochie

Senior Strategy & Product Leader Working with Fortune 100 Companies

Results-oriented creative strategist and product manager with 9 years of experience at KPMG, driving business growth and leading high-performing teams. Expertise in strategy development, business analysis, and service design. Led cross-functional teams of 10-30 professionals, resulting in four app and three web launches across areas such as digital payment solutions, mobile trading app development, and core banking system implementation. Proven ability to align teams, develop go-to-market strategies, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Toronto, Canada

Senior Manager, Customer & Strategy Consulting

October 2014 to Present

Example Client Work:

Digital Wallet and Prepaid Money Account Build

Trading App and Web Build

Core Banking System Replacement

Internal Wiki Tool Prototype

Other Notable Achievements

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Boston, MA

Analyst, Digital Strategy

June 2013 to August 2013

Digital ID Card Prototype

Side Projects

NFT Release

I sketched, minted, and launched an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain to commemorate the Farcaster protocol - it can be found here.

Wall Street's Best iOS Stickers App Launch

I launched Wall Street’s Best - an iOS / iMessage sticker app based on r/wallstreetbets culture in only one weekend. Launching weeks before the initial GameStop saga, it ultimately reached Top 50 in the iMessage App Store.

Neobanked Newsletter Series

I ran a newsletter focused on digital-only banks that was published every second Sunday throughout 2020. The archive of issues lives here. Website

I embarked on a mission to build my blog using open web standards, while simultaneously refining my CSS, Markdown, and HTML skills. As part of this ongoing journey, I discovered Jekyll, a straightforward, blog-aware, static site generator. I host this site on GitHub Pages and have integrated Google Analytics for a lightweight and non-intrusive means of visitor tracking. The site underwent a redesign in 2023 focused on simplicity and readability.


Future of Retailing

Humanizing Customer Insights

Blockchain's Potential


Strategic Blockchain Use Cases


Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh, UK

Bachelor of Actuarial Science



Phone: +1 (437) 973-9844