Client Work

Digital Wallet and Prepaid Money Account Build

Dec 2021 to Feb 2023

As an interim Head of Payments for a Fortune 10 North American retailer (22m customers), I led the strategy and product management of two payment products - a digital wallet and an app-based prepaid account. Syntheized over 500 user surveys and coordinated over 200 Figma screens to secure Executive support and accelerate backlog prioritization; my leadership ensured a clear development path to MVP for our global engineering teams. I also assisted in the cross-platform integration of a Buy Now Pay Later product, working collaboratively with design, store operations, and marketing teams to craft a coherent go-to-market strategy.

Trading App and Web Build

Dec 2019 to Dec 2020

As product manager, I led the development of a unique trading platform, with an emphasis on the mobile user experience and the integration of differentiated features, such as a customized notification system and automated trading tools. My detailed user flows and requirements documentation resulted in a 50% reduction in required design sprints. I also championed the selection of a native app over a progressive web app or responsive website, resulting in an operational platform on web, iOS, and Android. Its intuitive design and customizable features have garnered positive customer feedback, reflected in a 4.1 out of 5 App Store rating.

Core Banking System Replacement

Oct 2018 to Jan 2020

Orchestrated the specification and design of a new core banking platform to support online and in-person channels, focusing my efforts on enhancing the customer's savings experience. I prototyped a digital savings card for Apple Wallet, marking a first in the UK market and cultivating innovation within the organization. The platform, now in testing, is set to manage £3bn in customer assets.

Internal Wiki Tool Prototype

Jan 2018 to Apr 2018

Guiding user research and design efforts, I played a leading role in the creation of a new internal wiki tool. Navigating funding limitations, our team was able to deliver a robust prototype in three weeks using Axure and Bootstrap, demonstrating the potential for enhanced knowledge distribution and software reusability across governmental departments.

Other Notable Achievements

Oct 2014 to Today

These include assisting a fintech company in a $10m+ fundraising by refreshing their corporate plan, improving healthcare worker efficiency by 25% through launching a digital mobility tool, devising a successful UK market entry plan for a US-based software firm, and defining future propositions for the mortgages and savings markets to refresh a bank's strategy.

Digital ID Card Prototype

Jun 2013 to Aug 2013

I prototyped a digital insurance ID card for the Apple Wallet, which can be downloaded here; the ID was ultimately incorporated into the core iOS and Android apps and is now used by over 2m customers. I also supported the team during the development of a disaster preparation app for iOS and Android, which was pivoted into an online guide.

Side Projects

NFT Release

Oct 2023 to Nov 2023

I sketched, minted, and launched an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain to commemorate the Farcaster protocol - it can be found here.

Wall Street's Best iOS Stickers App Launch

Jan 2021 to Today

I launched Wall Street’s Best - an iOS / iMessage sticker app based on r/wallstreetbets culture in only one weekend. Launching weeks before the initial GameStop saga, it ultimately reached Top 50 in the iMessage App Store.

Neobanked Newsletter Series

Dec 2019 to Dec 2020

I ran a newsletter focused on digital-only banks that was published every second Sunday throughout 2020. The archive of issues lives here. Website

Jul 2018 to Today

I embarked on a mission to build my blog using open web standards, while simultaneously refining my CSS, Markdown, and HTML skills. As part of this ongoing journey, I discovered Jekyll, a straightforward, blog-aware, static site generator. I host this site on GitHub Pages and have integrated Google Analytics for a lightweight and non-intrusive means of visitor tracking. The site underwent a redesign in 2023 focused on simplicity and readability.